Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"Class" #4:Home-Schooling With Rodney Yee.

A small note on the Shingles: They hurt like hell. Yes, I bought the DVD hoping to muscle through it, but lordy, the pain got greater and I was on my ass for a bit. And the blistering has to scab and crack- this dampens your motivation, but I managed to at least put it in once and give it a whirl. The experience can best be described in Haiku:

Rodney teaches class
I am in my underpants
He is at the beach

There really isn’t too much I could blather on about doing Yoga in my skivvies that makes for compelling reading, at least for any great length of time, so let’s skin the fat off the cat, pare down our wagons, mix our metaphors, and do a


- As mentioned, you can do it in your skivvies, or the Altogether, should you be feeling it.
- If you gotta go, you can pause the whole class while you do.
- Bathroom is right there.

- Short. The actual yoga is only 20 minutes. I’m lazy and I still think that’s not worth it.
- Yee-Dog don’t invert his left and right, so words and the mirroring are just off. I kinda respect him for just refusing to do so, but for someone who must raise the old “L” hand trick at least 6 times every class, it is confusing.
- Bathroom is right there. It smells as such.
- There is only one other person in the room doing Yoga, and he is doing it perfectly.
- You will buy the DVD for $19.99, do it all of twice, and let it collect dust next to all the other movies you have watched all of twice.

I’d also just rather be in a room with other people, which is kind pathetic, really. I don’t ever say much to anyone when I do attend class, and class is generally silent save the teacher’s instructions and an Om or two. It has to be the least socially interactive activity you can do with other people as you are concentrating solely on yourself, but still, I kinda dig it. Other people are interesting, and I am easily distracted. So, back to it then. A night of Anusara for me, just to get back in the game, and then it’s onward to the next Tapas of Yoga: I’m going to meet a man named Subramanya, né Larry, and I’m fascinated by what he might say.

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