Thursday, February 5, 2009

An abrupt end to Paxil.

This is filler. There IS and end to the Paxil dialogues, but I don't want to post it, not yet. Frankly, it is too personal. It's too family, too DasGupta, and too emotionally .....something. I haven't even shared it with my parents- the people the post is about- to even think about putting it on the blog. Emotional honesty leads to compelling reading, but family and privacy come first. Another time perhaps. Forgive the gap. I hope to fill it in in the future, but that's between me and mom and dad and bro.

That said, let's skip ahead, on to YogaMCA, back here in good ole' California, Yes?


Bananasana said...

And, I should note, the end of the actual Paxil was also abrupt. I just stopped taking it. It felt too zombie.

Darla said...

be careful. and please be sure to talk to someone. ok?